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12 Feb

Corporate Communications

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Setting your company apart from the rest - Custom Corporate Identity


In a competitive marketplace it is essential for any business or organization to design, develop and implement a custom Corporate Identity System. Our identity design specialists have the breadth and depth of experience to address all of the business communication needs of our clients. 


Building a successful Brand begins with the development of a custom Corporate Identity System. Establishing and maintaining a strong Corporate Identity allows your company to be visually recognized by your employees, potential hires, existing clients, suppliers/vendors, and most importantly, your target audience. The visual message that is consistently present throughout all of your marketing and business communications becomes part of your Brand / Identity. This is how your prospective target audience will perceive and remember you. The creation of a functional Corporate Identity System is much more than just designing or updating a logo for your business; it is a process that will produce effective communication tools that connect with your target audience and leave a lasting, positive impression. 


Maybe you have a new company in the process of establishing an identity for the first time, or your company is going through a transition and requires a complete re-positioning and re-branding campaign. In either case, you can look to our team of creative designers and marketing specialists as a full scope resource to assist you in the development of your new custom Corporate Identity System. 


Developing a custom Corporate Identity should not be entered into lightly. It is critical that the base elements work together to form a cohesive unit which all resulting corporate collateral, corporate marketing materials and corporate communications will be based on. We boast a substantial track record of designing and developing successful custom Corporate Identities & related marketing collateral to form a complete marketing package for our clients.


A great corporate identity is flexible enough to be used in a variety of applications while standing out in each one. The custom identity will ultimately define the overall corporate image, and thus the company. A complete custom corporate identity design is typically comprised of the following core elements:


Corporate Colors

Corporate Mark

Corporate Fonts

Corporate Slogan

Corporate Identity Usage Standards

These essential elements are set forth in a custom Corporate Brand / Identity Guidelines Manual or StyleGuide.


• Custom Logo Design 

• Custom Tagline or Slogan Development

• Business Cards

• Stationary - Letterhead, Envelopes, etc.      

• Identity Guidelines / Standards (StyleGuide)

• Brochures

• Product / Service Sheets

• Websites


Contact us to design your custom corporate identity today!

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